TT 2014

After spending last season developing a bike with a semi-automatic gearbox we decided that we’d like to compete in the 2014 TTZero race at the Isle of Man. The gearbox bike provided a real technical challenge and we learnt a lot but we realised that without significant investment based on our lessons learned we would not be able to push it any further.

Racing at the TT has long been our goal and we were reaching limitations with our existing chassis so we decided to build a bike specifically for the TT and continued racing against other petrol and electric bikes on the short circuits.

So we’ve basically started to build a bike from the ground up, the only parts we are re using are the swingarm, wheels, brakes and forks. Everything else is being designed and manufactured from scratch.

Currently the front end of the bike has been produced, the rear is currently being CAD modelled.  We are designing a battery box which will be a stressed member and will also incorporate the rider’s seat unit

We’ve also produced bespoke battery modules that should allow us to have one of the best battery packs on the grid in terms of safety, reliability and performance. We have recently ordered the cells which should be with us in around 2 months.

The bike will use two 85hp (peak) AC motors paired together and using two of the Curtis controllers. The performance of the machine should be awesome with a potential 160hp on tap, whilst this will have to be dialled down to achieve the range at the TT it should still provide quite an exciting ride.

Plans are to have the bike assembled and ready for initial bench testing early in the New Year with a number of performance and tuning tests to follow thereafter.

A soon as we have the major parts of the bike modelled we’ll get some pictures up on the site and add a bit more in depth technical information.

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