About Us

ARC EV Engineering Ltd, based in private premises outside of Derby, UK was formed in 2009 when Brendan Rice and Matt Bagshawe, two colleagues working for an infrastructure monitoring company stumbled upon a common interest of motorcycles and engineering and decided to start a project to build an electric race motorcycle capable of competing in the then newly created British championship.

Brendan Rice Matt Bagshawe

The interest and challenge soon grew and a company was born to primarily support our own participation in motorsport events but this grew to support other competitors and individuals wishing to develop commuter machines.

In 2011 we raced our bikes in the European championship and became champions whilst finishing third in the world championship final, we also became a European distributor for HPEVS AC motors out of the USA and started to form strong partnerships with suppliers and other companies in the field who also became race team supporters.

During this period we also completed our first customer commission and supplied a converted motorcycle prototype for evaluation.

Into 2012 we continued to supply conversion kits and bespoke parts to individuals across the globe. We had now also started to compete directly against petrol motorcycles and developed an electric motorcycle with a semi-automatic gearbox and developed control software to support its use in competition.

At the end of 2012 and into 2013 we set specific design and research goals in electric vehicle control systems which we have been developing for application in zero emissions transport. We also set the internal challenge of producing a modular battery system which is now in production and will feature in our next race bike.

In order to demonstrate the application of our research activities we are currently designing and manufacturing a motorcycle which will enter into the TTZero race at the 2014 Isle of Man TT races.

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